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We're calling for Ireland to end the import of forced-labour cotton

If you live in Ireland, it is possible that your clothes have been made from forced-labour cotton. 

85% of China's cotton comes from the Uyghur Region. A staggering 30% of the world's cotton comes from China.


In September 2022, the UN has added its voice to the deep concern that there are crimes against humanity and forced labour occurring in in the Uyghur Region.

The overwhelming evidence is clear: Ireland's entire main street trade in cotton is likely tainted by the Uyghur forced labour camps.


We are fighting for a complete ban of the import of forced-labour cotton into Ireland.  

Map of Suspected Detention Facilities.png

This map shows the possible locations of Uyghur detention centres.

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Latest Updates

On the 7th October 2022, we wrote to the Irish Revenue Commissioners calling for a ban to the importation of cotton goods from China’s Uyghur region.

In the letter to the Revenue Commissioners, we outlined the crimes against humanity taking place in the region and the irrefutable connection between Uyghur forced labour and Europe’s fashion industry.

EU law explicitly recognises the prohibition of slavery, servitude, and forced or compulsory labour, as a fundamental human right. International law prohibits the importation of goods produced under these circumstances. We argue that Ireland is obliged to apply its laws governing imports in a manner that respects that prohibition.

We await a response from the Irish Revenue Commissioners. As the Irish laws on imports implement EU law, we are prepared to continue the fight in the European courts if necessary.


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Legal Case
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