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Will you support our legal StraTEGY to ban the import of forced-labour cotton?

Millions of Uyghurs are being detained and forced to produce cotton for our high street stores.

The Chinese detention programme is the largest since World War II. It aims to eradicate the culture of the Uyghurs, a minority group in China. Detainees are subjected to torture, abuse and forced labour. International governments have officially declared this programme to be genocide and crimes against humanity.

The UK and Ireland are currently permitting a flood of imported cheap cotton produced by Uyghur detainees to cross their bordersThe entire high street cotton trade is implicated.

Will you stand with Uyghurs and support our legal action to ban the import of forced-labour cotton?

Our success so far
  • Following a petition to US customs authorities a targeted ban on imports of cotton from the Uyghur region of China was implemented
  • We commissioned the first independent legal opinion on whether genocide is being committed by China in Xinjiang which was cited in UK parliamentary vote declaring genocide
  • We succeeded in initiating proceedings against the UK authorities for failing to halt the imports of Uyghur produced cotton 

 Project Overview

Image by Benjamin Davies

We have taken the government to court to appeal their decision to continue importing forced-labour cotton 

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We submitted evidence to Irish customs authorities seeking halt to forced labour imports 

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Success: The United States banned the import of forced-labour cotton in 2021  

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