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New report: Business and Human Rights in Occupied Territory: Guidance for Upholding Human Rights

Al-Haq and GLAN’s new report, Business and Human Rights in Occupied Territory: Guidance for Upholding Human Rights, closely examines the economies of three situations of occupation - in Russian-annexed Crimea, Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara, and Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory. It analyses the supply chains and administrative and legal framework for the activities of businesses of the occupying State and of foreign companies in these territories. It aims to draw lessons and recommendations for businesses when conducting enhanced human rights due diligence for operations in or relationships connected to occupied territories. Alongside risks related to causing, contributing or being linked to adverse human rights impacts, the report also identifies the legal, financial, commercial, and other risks that businesses may be exposed to.

The report researched and authored by Marya Farah is based on consultations with experts and international and local human rights groups working on these situations of occupation. The report analyses the policy and practice of states and businesses towards such harmful commercial links, observes the various legal and other risks faced by businesses as a result of such operations, and makes concrete suggestions for measures that businesses and home States need to adopt in order to effectively regulate and redress harmful economic involvement in such contexts.

The report has been submitted to the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights under its recent consultation on the challenges of business in conflict and post-conflict contexts.


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