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Challenging corporations profiting from Forced LaBour of North Koreans

Legal action against Dutch firms for profiting from forced labour of North Koreans in Polish ship-building compound

On16 December 2022, La Strada International, with support of Prakken d’Oliveira and GLAN filed an appeal challenging the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s failure to prosecute two Dutch shipbuilding companies for profiting from North Korean forced labor at their supplier’s shipyard in Poland. We argue that the Dutch firms knew or reasonably could have known about the inhumane, slavery-like conditions that North Korean workers were subjected to, but still went ahead with ordering ship components. Workers sent to these compounds were found to have endured years of slave-like conditions, including: working between 10 and 13 hours each day; having their pay confiscated and sent to North Korean regime; and dangerous working conditions.

Help us challenge those profiting from forced labour

Victims of modern slavery are often made to work long hours for little or no pay. Many live in terrible conditions; they may have had legal documents taken away and be unable to leave.

GLAN is challenging those who enable and profit from modern slavery. We have begun a series of legal actions that use the Proceeds of Crime Act to enforce compliance with the law.

Please help us stop those who benefit from forced labour and modern-day slavery by making a donation today. 

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