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We work with affected communities to pursue innovative legal actions across borders to challenge states and other powerful actors involved in human rights violations and systemic injustice. 
GLAN’s goal is to promote social change through strategic legal action. We seek to use the law in new and innovative ways to bring about legal, political or social impact. Our strategies are diverse and include litigation in foreign and international courts. We seek more than success in a courtroom and our work includes legal actions before administrative bodies and the dissemination of legal analyses. We work with individuals and communities resisting injustice, empowering and amplifying their voices, in order to challenge powerful actors involved in human rights violations. We believe that strategic legal action is most effective when it supports existing justice strategies, which is why we work collaboratively with an international network of civil society and grassroots organisations.
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Selected News Coverage
Lawyers challenge UK imports of 'slavery-tainted' Uzbek cotton 

The Guardian | 21 October 2019​

nk worker in shipyard.jpg
N.Korean worker seeks Dutch shipbuilder's prosecution over labour abuses 

Thomson Reuters Foundation News | 8 November 2018

san leon 2.jpg
Irish Oil Exploration Firm Targeted In Complaint Over Western Sahara Drilling 

Forbes | 24 October 2018

climate c.jpg
Ireland becomes world’s first country to divest from fossil fuels 

The Guardian | 12 July 2018

Sea Watch_2.jpg
Italy sued over migrant ‘push back’ with Libya after 20 migrants drown in Mediterranean 

The Independent [UK] | 8 May 2018

Children to sue European countries over climate change 

CNN | 20 October 2017

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