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Trustee Vacancy - Treasurer

About Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) 

GLAN is a unique non-profit organisation that pursues innovative legal actions across borders, challenging states and other powerful actors involved with human rights violations. Our vision is to challenge injustice through legal action. We believe that more can be done to challenge serious human rights violations by transcending borders, working transnationally and giving a voice to the disempowered. Not only do we mobilise law across borders, we bridge disciplines by bringing together experts from different areas of law and professional perspectives (practice/academia) to unlock the potential of foreign courts and legal mechanisms to secure change. 

Position Overview:

The Charity Board Treasurer plays a vital role in managing the financial affairs of a nonprofit organisation. They are responsible for overseeing the organisation's financial activities, ensuring sound financial management, and providing strategic guidance to the board and executive team. The Treasurer serves as a fiduciary and ensures compliance with financial regulations and best practices.


Key Responsibilities:


Financial Management:

Oversee the development and implementation of financial policies, procedures, and internal controls to safeguard the organisation's assets.

Oversee the organisation's financial systems, including accounting, budgeting, and reporting.

Ensure accurate financial records and ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and reporting requirements.

Monitor cash flow, investments, and financial performance, providing regular reports to the board.


Budgeting and Forecasting:

Collaborate with the executive team and board to develop an annual budget that aligns with the organisation's strategic goals.

Review and analyse financial data to provide accurate forecasts and financial projections.

Monitor budget performance and recommend adjustments as necessary to achieve financial sustainability.

Financial Reporting and Analysis:

Prepare timely and accurate financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Present financial reports to the board, highlighting key findings, trends, and risks.

Conduct financial analysis to support decision-making and identify opportunities for cost optimisation and revenue generation.

Coordinate and liaise with external auditors during the annual audit process.


Investment and Risk Management:

Manage the organisation's investments and financial assets, ensuring prudent and ethical investment practices.

Assess and mitigate financial risks, including currency fluctuations, interest rate changes, and market volatility.

Work closely with the board and executive team to develop and implement risk management strategies.


Board Engagement and Governance:

Collaborate with the board and executive team, providing financial expertise and guidance in strategic decision-making.

Participate in board meetings and provide reports on financial matters, answering questions and addressing concerns.

To act as co-chair of the Human Resources and Finance Sub-committee.

To ensure that the Board is aware of its financial duties and responsibilities and the need to comply with all legislation.

To ensure that all financial policies, procedures and the appointment of external financial advisors are reviewed on a regular basis.


A bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or a related field. Professional certifications such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) are highly desirable.

Proven experience in financial management, preferably within the nonprofit sector or a similar environment.

Strong knowledge of accounting principles, financial analysis, budgeting, and internal controls.

Familiarity with applicable UK financial regulations and reporting requirements.

Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail.

Proficiency in financial software and tools for budgeting, accounting, and reporting.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate with board members, staff, and external stakeholders.

Commitment to the mission and values of the organization.


Time Commitment:

The Board meets at least quarterly.

You will be a member of the Finance and HR subcommittee which will meet quarterly.

Attendance at social and fundraising meetings optional. Meetings are held at GLANs offices in London or virtually.

To apply:

Please send your CV and cover letter to by September 1st 2023.


Note: This job description is intended as a general guide to the duties and responsibilities of the Charity Board Treasurer role. It may be modified or expanded based on the specific needs of the organisation.

Diversity and Inclusion 

GLAN strongly encourages applications from black, Asian, minority ethnic and/or disabled candidates, as well as those who have been directly impacted by social and/or structural injustice. GLAN recognises that the sector we work in urgently needs the benefit of greater diversity, and that many people from such backgrounds face impediments to access or progression within the sector. We understand that extensive criteria can discourage applicants from less privileged backgrounds and that some candidates will not apply for a role unless they feel they meet 100% of the essential and desirable requirements. If you are from such a background and meet some but not all of the criteria below, we would still very much like to hear from you. 

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