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Our Impact Report 2021

We work with affected communities to pursue innovative legal actions across borders to challenge powerful actors involved in human rights violations and systemic injustice.

Impact Report 2021

Our team have continued to aim high by addressing the greatest human rights challenges of our time: climate change, border violence, the arms trade, and destructive supply chains.

In our 2021 Impact Report, you will read about the European Court of Human Rights decision to communicate and fast-track our climate case against the 33 countries for failing to adopt a system to ensure deep and urgent greenhouse gas emissions cuts.

You'll read about how we have challenged the Irish Governments’ aggressive approach to profit-shifting from poorer countries arguing it violates the rights of children in places like Ghana.

Plus, how we worked with the World Uyghur Congress and the Uyghur Human Rights Project to instruct barristers at Essex Court Chambers to produce an authoritative, independent and objective legal opinion on the treatment of Uyghurs by Chinese authorities in the XUAR.

We are very grateful to our supporters who made our work possible over the last year.

Thank you for joining our community as we continue to work with affected communities across the globe to tackle the systems of injustice.


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