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GLAN is supporting work by Caribbean communities fighting to prevent the environmental destruction and denial of community rights in the region.

GLAN is honoured to collaborate as a legal associate within the Stronger Caribbean Together Network, a powerhouse of academics and activists who are opposing disaster capitalism across the Caribbean region. This partnership has allowed us to engage with and learn from inspiring grassroots communities and organisers in various Caribbean countries, including Belize, Colombia, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and our partners in Barbuda. 

We are thrilled to be organising an in-depth online legal workshop for the Stronger Caribbean Together Network, where we will delve into case studies from Barbuda and Grenada. This workshop aims to shed light on the legal systems and frameworks operating within the Caribbean, and it will explore various legal tactics for advocating climate justice and environmental preservation across different jurisdictions. The focus will range from public law challenges to international legal mechanisms, providing a comprehensive understanding of how strategic litigation can be harnessed by in a community-led process and can be tailored to address different communities' environmental concerns effectively.

We are  raising funds to support our legal strategy to fight environmental destruction in the Caribbean


Planned Levera mega resort

Pictured: Planned 'mega-resort' on the Levera Wetland in Grenada

GLAN are supporting the Grenada Land Actors in their David and Goliath battle in challenging three mega tourist resorts across their small island. Given the similarities with what is unfolding on Barbuda, not least that one of the developments they are challenging is a 1 billion dollar resort on top of a Ramsar protected wetland, we have partnered with them in sending a joint message to the Ramsar Secretariat.

Find out more and support them here: 


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Read our open letter to the Ramsar Secretariat demanding action on World Wetlands Day


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