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Crowdfunding campaign for climate change legal action launched.

Monday September 25th sees the launch of GLAN's crowdfunding campaign to help bring a potentially ground-breaking case. We are helping six Portuguese children affected by devastating forest fires this summer take all of the major greenhouse gas emitting governments in Europe to the European Court of Human Rights. It will be argued that the countries signed up to the court must significantly strengthen their emissions cutting policies and commit to keeping their fossil fuel reserves in the ground. We aim to build on the recent impact of cases like the Urgenda (Netherlands) and Our Children's Trust (USA) cases, which have proven the value of legal action as a tool in the fight against climate change.

The funds will enable the huge task of evidence gathering to begin as well as the preparation of the case. This is GLAN's first partnership with CrowdJustice, the online crowdfunding platform which has raised over £3million for public interest cases since 2015. For more information visit our crowdfunding page and support our case:

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