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Join our Board of Trustees

What will you be doing?

The Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) is a young and fast-growing organisation which took on full time staff in 2018. The successful candidate will work closely with GLAN's Director to guide our efforts to secure funds and progress towards financial sustainability. This would involve reviewing our existing funding strategy in a manner that supports our international legal work. The role will be supported by GLAN's executive team who, along with the Director, will implement the proposed strategy. The successful candidate will also join and work closely with our accomplished Board of Trustees.

Main duties

- To oversee and maintain a clear funding strategy that supports GLAN's activities and development plans.

- Provide assistance with identifying new and diverse sources of funding and connecting GLAN to related opportunities.

- Ensuring that the organisation is developing the appropriate communication materials to assist with fundraising.

- Reviewing GLAN’s fundraising performance.

- Ensuring that a broad range of income sources are cultivated.

- Attend and participate in trustee meetings and to keep the Board fully informed about its fundraising progress and GLAN’s relationship with existing funders.

- Assist keeping GLAN on a path of effective strategic growth in line with its strategic plan.

The role of trustee will initially be on a one year basis, at which point there will be an option to stand for re-election for a 3 year term.

What are we looking for?

We are seeking an individual from a background that includes the following:

  • Extensive experience in a similar role, advising charities and/or as a trustee (essential)

  • A track record in fund-raising, one that is relevant to a small-mid sized charity with big ambitions.

  • Possesses a track record in strategic planning and implementation. 

  • Past experience and track record of effective fundraising.

  • An understanding of not only the challenges but also the alternative and creative approaches in charitable fundraising.

  • An ability to effectively raise a charity's profile in order to attract potential donors.

  • An enthusiasm and commitment to social justice.


What difference will you make?

Growth and Impact: Working with the appropriate candidate GLAN would have an opportunity to grow and, in turn, magnify the international impact of its work.

Sustainability and Capacity: We would become more sustainable organisation that could plan more effectively and have a greater capacity to take on more innovative cases.

Strengthening our Board: This role would contribute to strong Board whose members work together effectively and are properly support one another.


What's in it for the volunteer?

  • We are a creative, passionate and hard-working team building a groundbreaking charity. It is an exciting opportunity to help shape its future trajectory. 

  • As a young organisation with a unique legal approach, GLAN would be the perfect platform for you to work creatively on meaningful work

  • Ultimately, you would gain a unique experience by being part of a team that aims to make a tangible impact in the field of human rights.


To apply

Please send expressions of interest and a CV to before 5pm, October 30th 2019.

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