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Launch of collaboration with Manchester International Law Clinic

A new partnership between GLAN and Manchester International Law Centre (MILC) at University of Manchester School of Law has been established to provide a year-long clinical project for international law students.

Manchester's School of Law has a long and distinguished reputation in research in the area of international law in the United Kingdom and in Europe. The Manchester International Law Centre was founded in 2014 and is co directed by Professors Jean d’Aspremont and Iain Scobbie and Dr John Haskel. It is now a group of over 30 academics and PhD students who research international law. MILC is an internationally-recognised centre of academic excellence whose members seek to make innovative contributions to international legal scholarship while also providing consultancy and advice to governments, international organisations and NGOs on questions of international law. Co-convened by GLAN’s Dr Valentina Azarova and MILC PhD student David Scott, GLAN-Manchester plugs undergraduate and Master's students into GLAN's networks and ongoing work. Over the course of the year students will carry out research in support of ongoing and prospective GLAN actions, providing invaluable support to the organisation and developing the students' practical and critical-thinking skills. GLAN-Manchester is intended to also act as a hub for other events and activities that connect MILC's expertise to the world of practice. Further information on the Manchester International Law Clinic can be found at and GLAN-Manchester co-ordinators can be contacted at and

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