Digital Officer

Do you feel strongly about human rights, and want to help a new organisation that challenges injustice through international legal actions?

Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) is seeking a volunteer digital officer to support its operations for about 5 hours a week, plus occasional meetings a year in central London. Have a look at the qualities and experience we need and get in touch.


The Organisation

GLAN is a non-profit organisation that identifies and pursues innovative legal actions aimed at protecting human rights in the developing world. Our aim is to promote accountability for human rights abuses and to work in partnership with those who have experienced injustice. We do this to promote the rule of law and help bring about positive changes in the lives of individuals, groups or communities. GLAN is a UK registered charity (No. 1167733) to find our more visit



The Role

GLAN prides itself on innovation and aims to effect international impact through legal action. In doing so we rely on a secure and effective online presence to effectively communicate to the public and provide a platform for demonstrating our effectiveness.  


To assist our efforts we are seeking an all-rounder to join our ranks, someone with IT, web and social media experience who can also advise on encryption, online  collaboration and data management. In other words, this is a unique opportunity to work directly with leading human rights lawyers and support their cutting edge international legal work. The successful candidate would work closely with our Director and although the position can be fulfilled remotely you would be encouraged to attend our occasional meetings in Central London.

This role will be critical to GLAN's success in establishing itself as a reliable, effective and sustainable charity.


Main duties include:


  • Maintenance of a secure website

  • Assist with GLAN’s communications including the construction of newsletters and social media

  • Provide support and guidance on secure data storage and management

  • Help to build a secure system for email and internal communication

  • Work with legal teams to provide technical support on human rights actions

  • Build tailored web pages to assist in the development or dissemination of GLAN’s work

Essential competencies for the role include a proven ability in the following areas:


  • IT skills including MS Office, Wix, Wordpress and video editing

  • Experience in data protection including encryption technologies and practices

  • Ability to deal with multi-faceted projects that integrate web design, web building and social media strategy

  • Familiarity with online collaborative tools

  • Reliability & adaptability


Candidates should be motivated by the prospect of promoting human rights change.


Impact of the role


GLAN collaborates with international partners including human rights lawyers, journalists and researchers in many different countries to target the activities of powerful actors involved with international human rights abuses. With a significant amount of work being completed and executed remotely our digital platforms will be an important link both in the development and execution of our actions. A professional and functional website will also allow us to demonstrate our work, our personnel and attract funding. Once a legal action is complete our digital presence and social media work will ensure effective dissemination of our project outcomes. 

Time commitment (negotiable)


The successful candidate would contribute approximately 5 hours each week (remotely), either in or out of office hours. Where necessary the candidate will attend a meetings in Central London, travel expenses will be paid.


To apply

If you are interested in being part of GLAN’s work please send an email explaining your relevant skills and experience and a brief CV. Send to by 5pm, 15 February 2018.

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