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Barbuda - Local Researcher


Salary: £15000 per annum, 3 days per week.

Hours: 28 hours per week.

Location: Barbuda.


We are seeking a researcher based in Barbuda to assist with research and data gathering in relation to new developments on the island which threaten local environment, culture and tenure system. This will support GLAN’s efforts to develop international and transnational legal strategies and campaigns in support of the work of local actors including the Barbuda Council.

The role will require execution of frequent evidence gathering missions on Barbuda using equipment provided by GLAN (except mobile phone) and some travel to Antigua. The Local Researcher will be required to report on progress during regular coordination meetings with GLAN’s team (working remotely) as well as submit written reports to GLAN summarizing their findings.


GLAN works with affected communities to pursue innovative legal actions across borders to challenge states and other powerful actors involved in human rights violations and systemic injustice. Our actions address the most pressing instances of human rights concern and they fall within the following themes: War and occupation; accountability and supply chains; environmental and economic justice; and migration and border violence.

Our diverse strategies unlock the potential of foreign courts and legal mechanisms. Since being established in 2016 we have developed legal strategies directly addressing human rights impacts in over 23 countries and territories. We work with the individuals and communities resisting injustice to  empower and amplify their voices. Our approach is networked and nimble, allowing us to advance cases across multiple issues and jurisdictions despite our compact team.



The position will encompass the following distinct tasks:
• Collection of high-quality, relevant, trustworthy visual information on Barbuda, using various pieces of equipment, including regular mobile phones, DSLR camera, drone.
• Inquiry into, and investigation of, archival records in order to retrieve documentation relevant to the private development.
Monitoring the situation on the ground with respect to developments on the island.
• Taking testimonies through in person interviews.
• Assisting GLAN's legal work and ad hoc requests.
• Making visits to Antigua to assist with gathering relevant information.
• Collating evidence and presenting it in report form to GLAN colleagues.
• Regular coordination with GLAN team (weekly) and 3-monthly reviews.

Essential skills:
• Strong knowledge and track record of working in the region.
• Excellent research skills (i.e. ability to find relevant facts).
• Excellent written and communication skills.
• Experience with report writing.
• Demonstrable experience using listed equipment (mobile phones, DSLR camera and drone).
• Understanding of Barbuda’s history and context.
• Familiarity with local customs and culture.

Desirable skills:
• Tech-savviness and very strong technical skills (using high-tech material to capture visual footage).
• Ability to quickly adjust to new situations and instructions.
• Sound organisational skills including the ability to effectively plan, manage and deliver multiple tasks, as well as to work effectively under pressure.
• Critical thinking and self-motivation.



Please send an expression of interest (no more than one page) setting out your interest and suitability for the role to Please include your experience working with the equipment mentioned in the job description.

Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible and no later than COB on July 8th 2022. GLAN is strongly committed to equity, diversity and inclusion.

INTERVIEWS SCHEDULED:  Week commencing 11th July 2022

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